About Us

Eco Global is a green impact foundation focusing on the development and revitalization of failed markets in eastern European nations.

We do this by providing humanitarian aid alongside financial and business consideration ideally using capital funding to develop intentional solutions tackling the failures of the previously successful markets in the regions we work in.

We have provided services to the health, technology, green energy, and water industries. Inclusive in our portfolio we offer internet infrastructure lines while also developing agricultural projects and transferring  technical know-how.

Our current business covers the regions of Israel and Europe.

Image by Noah Buscher
Image by Vlad Kutepov
Image by Dejan Kuzmanovic

Past Projects 

Female Developers

Infrastructure development support

World Peace

Promotion of Israeli agriculture and exposure to the world

Law Consultation

Analyzing opportunities for different clients

Variety of Coins

Projects for laying internet line infrastructure in cooperation with the World Bank.

If you wonder why you should work with us, all you need to do is check our records; we have a fantastic track record that speaks for itself.

All our  current and past clients can testify to our impressive our customer service record.

We have successfully combined giving back to society with providing economic, business, and financial returns. 

We can boldly say that you are part of a valuable system of contributing to the global society.