The District Police Department is here to assist with the safety of you and all CCSFcampuses from crime and other emergencies. We want our students to be able to pursue their education positively and for our faculty and staff to perform their work securely. We are committed to a safe campus environment for all our students, staff, faculty, and visitors.We pride ourselves on a community-oriented relationship with those we are sworn to protect and serve.

The San Francisco Community College District Police Department is responsible for the primary and overall law enforcement protection of all CCSF district campuses. We also coordinate with other law enforcement partners throughout San Francisco to further ensure public safety for the entire college community.

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District Crime Alerts

Timely Warning Crime Bulletin:

Off Campus Incident


Battery, Brandishing a Weapon, and Attempt Armed Robbery

Incident: Monday, November 20th, 2023

Time:Approximately 1:15pm

Location:Off Campus:South Side of Ocean Ave. near the 280 Overpass

Victim: CCSF Student

Injuries: Minor Facial Swelling

Loss: No Property Loss

Suspect #1:Adult male, approx. 5’09”, approx. 19 yrs. Old, med. build, sharp lower jawline, wearing a sky-blue hoodie.

Weapon Brandished:Black handgun with matte finished grips

Suspect #2:Adult male, teal/grayish green eyes, 5’09”, approx. 19 years old, medium length curly hair

On 11/20/23 at approximately 1:15pm, a CCSF student walked off campus and crossed the street at Ocean Ave. and Howth toward Lick Wilmerding High School. The student continued walking eastbound on the south side of Ocean Ave toward the BART station. As the student began to cross the 280-overpass section, he was approached by two suspects.

Suspect #1 brandished a black handgun toward the victim and demanded his cellular phone. During this time, Suspect #2 provided cover while Suspect #1 placed the handgun in the front pocket of his hoodie and pushed the handgun against the victim’s stomach.

Suspect #2 punched the victim on the side of the victim’s head. The victim stumbled onto Ocean Ave. and eluded the suspects by running across Ocean Ave.

If anyone has additional information about this incident, please contact Officer Kaung at (415) 239-3200 or email at pkuang@ccsf.edu.

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Emergency Alert System

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Courtesy Services We Provide

Campus Police can provide escort service. An officer can walk with you or drive you from or to any campus building, to or from any of our parking lots or nearby public transportation. Escort service is provided seven days a week. You can request an escort by calling us at the time you want an escort.

Campus Police offices arethe official location for lost and found property. Should you lose, or find an item, contact Campus Police. We can assist you in finding your property or take found property for safe keeping until the rightful owner is located.

If you have car battery issues and need a jump, contact us and we maybe able to help.

If you locked your keys inside your vehicle, Campus Police might be able to help you out. Contact us before you call Roadside Assistance. We'refree of charge. Please have your driver's license / ID card ready for vehicle ownership verification.

If you are looking to ride along with us, please schedule a ride-along by calling (415) 239-3200 and ask to speak to an on-duty Sergeant or email us at police@ccsf.edu.