• April 5, 2022 Zero Tax Increase Bond & Levy Transfer


    North ɫƵ Schools is home to 21,000 students and counting! As we grow, new facilities and upgrades are needed throughout the district. Additional support for staff will ensure we continue serving as Champions for All Students.

    To make these proposed improvements a reality, NKC Schools asked voters to consider a zero tax increase levy transfer and $140 million bond issue on the April 5, 2022 ballot. Both measures were approved. A sincere thank you to our community for your support and trust in North ɫƵ Schools!

About the Zero Tax Increase Levy Transfer & Bond


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    Now the second-largest school district in Missouri, NKC Schools is projected to grow by more than 1,500 students in the next five years. New and expanded schools are needed to accommodate rapid growth and welcome new students. Replacing and renovating older schools across the district will ensure all students have the best opportunities to learn in world-class environments. Comprehensive updates will bring new, modern learning spaces and critical safety and systems improvements. As more students and families join NKC Schools, additional staff and services are required to meet greater needs. Inflation has also driven the district's operating costs up. NKC Schools is committed to creating learning environments in which students can reach their maximum potential. 

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    Zero Tax Increase Levy Transfer

    While bond funds must be dedicated to building, levies are for learning. The proposed zero tax increase levy transfer would move 20 cents from our debt service levy (currently allocated for paying off debt) to the operating levy (the fund that pays employees and provides for district operations). The existing levy of $5.6663 (debt service and operating levies combined) would remain unchanged overall. This transfer of funds would simply decrease the debt service levy from $1.29 to $1.09, while increasing the operating levy from $4.3763 to $4.5763. Wise fiscal management ensures our debt can still be paid. The proposed transfer would allow NKC Schools to address growth and operate soundly with zero tax increase and no change to the overall levy.




Proposed Improvements

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    Northern Transportation Hub

    The 84 square miles of NKC Schools are currently supported by a singular transportation center located in the south. Expansion is needed to better serve neighborhoods district-wide. An additional hub would increase efficiency, conserve energy and save money with every trip. 

    Hiring Staff & Managing Inflation

    As we welcome more new students each year, additional staff are needed to serve our growing community. The proposed levy transfer would free existing funds to hire more staff and account for increased operating costs.


    Cosmetic Upgrades, Safety & Security Improvements, Playgrounds & Deferred Maintenance

    This plan would provide for cosmetic upgrades to numerous sites across the district along with critical safety and security improvements. Deferred maintenance on building systems and components like roofs, parking lots, HVAC systems, playgrounds and more will also benefit additional schools. 


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    New Crestview Elementary

    A brand-new Crestview would replace an aging facility in need of repairs. The new school would also be able to better accommodate and provide for Crestview’s growing student population.



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    Chapel Hill Addition

    Upgrades to Clardy, Linden West, Meadowbrook and Oakwood Manor

    New and renovated spaces throughout the Oak Park feeder pattern will upgrade outdated learning environments to better serve more new students each year.


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    New Nashua Elementary

    Rising Hill Addition

    A new Nashua Elementary would provide room to grow, replacing the current, older school. Planned expansion of Rising Hill would account for tremendous growth in the area and provide space for all students to learn.


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    Solutions for Lakewood & Winnwood

    Lakewood and Winnwood are two of our oldest elementary facilities. Bond funding would support each school community in planning and creating upgraded learning spaces to best meet their needs.