Student Teaching & Internship Opportunities

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    Start your career in North ɫƵ Schools. Become a relentless champion for all students.


    Our supportive student teaching programs have a rich history of developing professional educators who make a difference for students. When you join NKC Schools, you will have access to a wealth of resources and learning opportunities – and the opportunity to work with the best kids around. 

  • Paid Student Teaching

    Candidates who choose to student teach in NKC Schools will receive a $5,000 stipend per semester in fall 2023 and spring 2024. We are committed to removing barriers and supporting the development of future teachers.

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    Grow as a teacher, a leader, and a difference-maker in our schools.


    North ɫƵ Schools is a place where you can follow your passions. Our educators are experts in their craft and experts in the classroom. As a student teacher, you will be paired with an experienced mentor teacher to guide you through the process and support your journey.

    We care deeply about building an environment where you can grow. NKC Schools student teachers are provided extensive support from a team of mentors, coaches, administrators and leaders.

  • Qualifications to Student Teach in North ɫƵ Schools

    • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above
    • Grades in the core areas or area of certification/specialty at a B or above
    • Security clearance through State Highway Patrol or FBI
    • Behavior during the student teaching experience that aligns with staff expectations as outlined in NKC Schools' Board of Education policies
    • Participation in the co-teach model for student teaching
    • Completed application and a formal placement request from the sponsoring college/university

    Fall 2023 applications are open.

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    Ready to take your next step?

    Candidates must submit a completed application and a formal placement request from the sponsoring college/university.

    North ɫƵ Schools welcomes applications for the upcoming semester.

    Requests to student teach in the district are only accepted from a sponsoring university/college. Student teachers are asked not to contact individual teachers or building administrators to obtain information for a student teaching placement.

    For more information about NKC Schools or the student teaching placement process, contact (816) 321-6580.



Internship Opportunities

  • Interns develop their skills in all areas of competence through general experience and individualized growth plans that they develop in consultation with their supervisor. 

    • All paid internship opportunities will be posted on our  page. 
    • For non-paid internships, please work through your school, university or college.
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    School Psychology Internship


    North ɫƵ Schools offers internships in School Psychology for students in doctoral or educational specialist programs. For doctoral students, The ɫƵ School Psychology Internship (KCSPI) is an APA-Accredited training program that provides a broad range of training experiences across educational settings, including summer rotations in clinical settings. Our interns gain specialized experience in assessment, intervention, and MTSS. Applications are accepted through the APPIC match program. For Ed.S. students, openings will be listed on the district Careers page when they become available. For more information, please review our materials or contact contact Dr. Pam August

    >> Doctoral Internship Brochure

    >> Specialist Internship Brochure

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